Christopher Channing works in the arts.
– He is a free-lance performer, designer and show-maker working in many disciplines including theatre, arts festivals and events.
– He has lived in Britain and France and is now based in North-Central Italy.

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Chris Channing was born in Preston, Lancashire, and grew up on the Moray Firth coast of Scotland in a beautiful fishing town called Nairn.

– He works in the arts and has seldom done anything else out of choice.

– He has been, at various times: an actor, a singer, a director and choreographer, a dancer and a designer of theatre costumes and scenery as well sculpting masks & designing make-up. In the beginning he was a classical ballet dancer.

– He was a variety artiste in theatre-restaurants in Paris. In Italy there were years of performance art as well as a lot of artistic direction of festivals and events. Now and then he still performs and several times a year is a master of ceremonies;  he still directs & designs & devises & advises.

– He trained with Jacques Lecoq at  L’Ecole Internationale de Theatre and with Philippe Gaulier at his eponymous Ecole… and for a three month stint with Arianne Mnouschkine at Theatre du Soleil.
He went to Blackpool College and completed a Teacher/Training Qualification: Certificate in Counselling Skills in the Development of Learning.
In the beginning, at 13,  he went to The Royal Ballet School as a resident student. He graduated in 1980, aged 18.

– He’s been lucky to know and be inspired by some special people.
Among them were Jimmy Pursey (the punk-rock band ‘Sham 69′ leadman, song-writer and producer), Geoffrey Cauley the choreographer and stage director, Neil Murray the stage designer with an especially unique eye and talent and Alan Lyddiard the theatre-maker who applied mittleeuropean dance-theatre methods to prose classics … and a Mr Guise who sold fabric from a cave in Blackpool but who mostly played the mandolin for his customers (especially culture-hungry children) while an un-noticed cigarette burned to a stick of ash in his mouth, .
And one more: he worked in close collaboration with Philippe Planquois, the artistic director of cabaret-restaurant ‘Chez Madame Arthur’ in Montmartre, Paris.

Critic and curator Alberto Masoni said “Chris Channing is one of the artists who manages best to fuse and mix the artistic experiences of theatre, mime, music and visual arts”.

(detailed biography on Wikipedia)