Performances – Character pieces

A self-contained performance based on the ‘exhibition ‘and explanation of a rare beast.

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The Guardian Angel
A figure 3 metres high with a 3 1/2 metre wingspan, made from white cotton rags.

Medieval Beggar
A performance of physical and vocal comedy based on the dancing grotesques in the paintings of Bosch and Bruegel.

A personage in full 1700s regalia with 50 fresh roses inserted through strings of pearls on the front of his coat. . A master of ceremonies.

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An Old Baritone.
Performance commissioned by the 1800s Festival in Saludecio.
Based on caricatures by the French illustrator and painter Daumier. Extreme caricature make up, small bushy toupee held on by a very wide elastic, long hands in fingerless gloves, slippers, embroidered housecoat – pocket watch and chain, champagne bottle in one pocket, sheet music in the other.
A very odd performance: executing melodramatic ballads with full facial and physical expression but with no vocal noise and in slow motion – to a soundtrack of Edwardian musical boxes.