Performances – Character pieces

    SOME WORK FROM CIRCA 1995 – 2010

Character Pieces

A self-contained performance based on the ‘exhibition ‘and explanation of a rare beast.
(The second video here, the documentary, explains the creation process and the development of the character, the text and the performance.)

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  • Video 2


Guardian Angel
A figure 3 metres high with a 3 1/2 metre wingspan, made from cotton rags.


Medieval Beggar
A performance of physical and vocal comedy based on the dancing grotesques in the paintings of Bosch and Bruegel.


An Old Baritone.

Performance commissioned by the 1800s Festival in Saludecio.
Based on caricatures by the French illustrator and painter Daumier.
… long hands in fingerless gloves, slippers, embroidered housecoat – pocket watch and chain – champagne bottle in one pocket & sheet music in the other.

A very odd performance:
executing melodramatic arias with full facial and physical expression but with no vocal noise and in slow motion – accompanied by soundtrack of Edwardian musical boxes.