Performances – Installations

One-off Performances and commissions.

Cosmetics Fair
A commission from Diego della Palma for the international cosmetics trade fair, ‘Cosmoprof’, Bologna. Three naked performers in a glass enclosure, 6 by 10 metres, with tree trunks stripped of their bark to reveal in the wood the tracks of parasitical insects.

An interactive performance made for the opening of a photographic exhibition of work by Sergio Smerieri in Milan and repeated for ‘Poesia Festival’, Emilia Romagna 2010. Channing stands on a slowly revolving plinth and is naked but for a pair of 1950’s Y-front underwear. The guests at the gallery use coloured marker pens to draw and write on the head, body and underwear of the performer.

Untitled (Silence of the Lambs).
A performance based on the Jame ‘Buffalo Bill’ Gump character in the novel Silence of the Lambs who murders women and then skins them, sewing together pieces of skin to make himself a suit.
Hanging above the performer is a washing line on which are pegged pieces of skin from various body parts, all made of latex (breasts, buttocks, genitalia or both sexes, stomach, scalp, face and generalised squares of skin). There is a full length mirror and hundreds of pieces of white sticking plaster.
The performance consists of trying out the body parts in various combinations and not strictly in anatomically correct positioning. Between trials the parts are all removed but the sticking plaster always remains.

Benozzo Gozzoli.
Performance commission by the Benozzo Gozzoli Museum, Castelfiorentino (province of Florence).
A living sinopia placed in a Gozzoli Tabernacle and reliving the emotions of his life story over the course of a day.

‘If I Want to Drown That’s My Business’
Installation. A man underwater held upright by a giant jellyfish. The performer’s upper body, wearing just an Elizabethan neck-ruff, emerges from the centre of collaged seascape suspended from elastic rope. The performance is marked by the continuous tears of the drowned man.

‘No Flying Tonight’
Breza Festival, Osijek. Croatia.
Installation. The performer is placed within the fabric of an elestic white net 10 metres squared. Each corner is anchored to a rope tied-off above the level of the performer’s head.
Inside the net the performer is naked but for a small and tatty pair of fairy wings; his eyes and armpits are smudged in red. At his feet is a small red umbrella