Theatre made for other people

    SOME WORK FROM CIRCA 1995 – 2010

Theatre  – made for other people.


‘MeRememberMe / MiRicordandoMi’
Choreography,  direction, and design by Chris Channing.
Made for the physical performer Patrizia Marcato.
A show in which the fictional former Paris variety star, Victoria MaBel, comes upon her old acrobatic-dance apparatus (a 2 metre fixed hoop) under a dust sheet and relives several of her successful numbers.

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‘Spettri dell’animo’ (Shadows in the Soul)
From the novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
Adapted, designed and directed by Chris Channing for a company of ten actors.
Staged in the disused Church of St Frances in San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna)
from Christmas Eve to the 31st December at midnight every night. The show is a promenade production following Scrooge (and his bed) around the empty building.

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‘Healing Hearts’
The Balcony Scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with additional texts by Dante, Angiolieri and other 13th century vulgarians.
Set in a psychiatric hospital. Romeo is ill. Juliet is his therapist. She and a chorus of ghosts from his past, represented as pregnant and baby cradling nurses, take him through his first day of treatment.
‘Babar the Little Elephant’ by Poulenc.
For the Arena del Sole, Bologna. Narrator – Alessandro Bergonzoni.
Chris Channing – stage director and lighting design.
Aikoros Orchestra / Maestro Fabio Marco Brunelli.

‘Memories and Obsessions’
A dance-theatre piece using ten performers: five dancers and five actresses.
Direction, choreography and design by Chris Channing.
Original music score by Andrea Montalbano.
The piece uses dance, mime and vocal and physical acting as well as recorded speech and soundscapes to create a collage of images and atmospheres. It is based on archive records and photographs of the hysterics, “mad women” and women committed for “social reasons” to mental asylums and similar institutions during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Performed originally in a sunken pit of a stage surrounded on all sides by the audience.