Theatre made for self

    SOME WORK FROM CIRCA 1995 – 2010

Theatre made for self

‘Italy for Beginners’
explaining Italy, its history and its connections with the New World.
A parlour-theatre show made and performed with Francesco Bifano (of ‘Slava’s Snow Show’).
Commissioned by an eccentric group of well-heeled Americans holidaying by Lake Garda … and performed to them in the Salone of their villa. (odd!)

A clown situation …. A duo: one presumptuous intellectual and one naive.

An historian and his assistant.
The show uses puppets, quick change, masks, music, and interrupted exposition.
Episodes include: Christopher Columbus and the Queen of Spain / Discovery / Ellis Island and immigration / The gifting of Statue of Liberty.
O Sole Mio and Dean Martin / Country music and Tarantella / Julius Caesar
The Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David / David Hockney … Vegas / Rat Pack / The Medici and several popes. /Probably the Borgias.

‘Something like a Life’
Theatre show.
A life, danced in 15 minutes.
The performer is carried on stage in a cotton bag by a body builder in a doctor’s white coat and suspended from a hook over the stage.
He cuts his way out and emerges wearing a business suit. The jacket, shirt, tie and trouser waist are all completely cutaway in a clean line around the body between the ribs and hips revealing a pink surgical corset.

Swan Lake ‘theme’ played on glass harmonica
Beatles – Number 9
Purcell – Dido’s Lament