Theatre – Performer

‘The Little Withinsight House’
Original Title: Tectus ad Spectum.
Contemporary theatre. A four-sided structure. An installation. A ‘hut’ containing a live performance in interaction with a hand-made film. Miniatures are projected as human size. There are flames, puppets, drawings, tears (rips), etc and Channing himself appears filmed in miniature or in gigantic proportions in interaction with his live self.
The performance is viewed through holes in three of the hut’s walls. Each viewing hole is in the centre of a small autobiographical or historical element (a photograph, a letter, an object or a toy) specific to the performer. The film and its accompanying live interaction trace autobiographical themes.

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‘Mona Lisa in Delirium Totus’
Theatre show. Full title: ‘Mona Lisa in Delirium Totus. The creation, life, death and triumphal return of a cultural monster. Freely inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.’
An ironic discourse on the lack of, and search for, an identity in the space made by an excess of the same. The piece traces the story of high and popular art.

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‘Italy for Beginners’
A theatre show made and performed with Francesco Bifano (of ‘Slava’s Snow Show’).
A clown duo – one intellectual and one stupid – an historian and his assistant explaining Italy, its history and its connections with the new world. The show uses puppets, quick change, masks, music, and interrupted exposition. Episodes include: Christopher Columbus and the Queen of Spain, Ellis Island and immigration, O Sole Mio and Dean Martin, Country music and Tarantella, The Statue of Liberty and Julius Caesar, The Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David.

‘Something like a Life’
Theatre show. A life danced in 15 minutes.
The performer emerges from a suspended cotton sack wearing leather shoes, a business suit, a shirt and a tie. The clothes are completely cutaway all around the body between the chest and hips revealing a pink surgical corset.

One Man and His Follies.
A review show of five sketches including: Jean Gabin’s ‘Je Sais’ mimed in playback once through and then with the track repeated immediately in reverse – and the words and actions also repeated in reverse.