Performances – Character pieces

    SOME WORK FROM CIRCA 1995 – 2010

Character Performances

A self-contained performance based on the ‘exhibition’ and explanation of a rare beast.
The second video here is a documentary.
As well as the ‘show’ it explains the creation process and the development of character and the dramaturgy &  texts.

Video made in the Labyrinth and Folly of Villa Litta, Milan

Video documentary about the creation of the character and performance.


Guardian Angel


Medieval Beggar
A performance of physical and vocal comedy based on the dancing grotesques in the paintings of Bosch and Bruegel.


A song and a rose or two …


An Old Baritone.

Performance commissioned by the 1800’s Festival in Saludecio.
Based on work by the French illustrator and painter Daumier.
… long hands in finger-less gloves, slippers, embroidered housecoat – pocket watch and chain – champagne bottle in one pocket & sheet music in the other.

A very odd performance:
executing melodramatic arias with full facial and physical expression but with no vocal noise and in slow motion – accompanied by soundtrack of Edwardian musical boxes.