Davide Conti. For his collection ‘Modern Paint’, a contemporary photographic project,
Chris Channing has been collaborating for several years.
As its starting point,  this project evokes fine art movements from Gothic and Baroque to 19thC romantics.
These examples include, ‘The Ages of Man’ & ‘Time’ (both after Cranach),  ‘Angel and Demon’ (after William Blake),
‘The Wrestlers’ (after William Etty), ‘Lot and his Daughters’, ‘Hylas’ (after Waterhouse),
‘The Suckling Reptile’, ‘Release from Deception (from Quierolo) and ‘The Expulsion from Eden’ (from Masaccio’).

Antonia Sautter. Event organiser, designer and costume historian.
At Signora Sautter’s annual Venetian Carnival event, Il Ballo del Doge (The Doge’s Ball),
and at other events through the year,
Chris Channing is Master of Ceremonies and occasional entertainment staging collaborator.

instagram  @ antoniasautter


Moonlight Invasion  / Invasioni Lunari
by Francesca Krnjak.

Chris Channing has collaborated on the development of this project.
He creating and adapted several of the costume designs for the launch of the project and then provided new ideas and new costumes during the first five years of its life.
He also creating the original make-up design.