Photography with Davide Conti / Design Galleries:


Davide Conti.  ‘Modern Paint’, a contemporary photographic project.
Chris Channing collaborates on concepts and as a model and ‘choreographer’.
As its starting point,  this project evokes fine art movements from Gothic and Baroque to 19thC Romantics.
The examples below include, ‘The Ages of Man’ & ‘Time’ (after Cranach),  ‘Angel and Demon’ (after Blake),
‘The Wrestlers’ (after William Etty), ‘Lot and his Daughters’, ‘Hylas’ (after Waterhouse),
‘Release from Deception (from Quierolo) and ‘The Expulsion from Eden’ (after Masaccio).


Costume / Masks & Puppets / Make-up & Head-wear


Design and Making Gallery:

Design and Making Gallery:
Masks and Puppets.

These masks are made from wood, paper machè and stiffened cotton wool.
The babies, from ‘A Christmas Carol’,  are jointed foam rubber with a latex surface.


Design and Making Gallery:
Make-up and Head-wear.