Installations & Body Art.


‘No Flying Tonight’

Made originally for ‘Breza Festival in Osijek. Croatia’.
. . .
The performer is constrained in a white net and anchored to the surroundings with elastic ropes.
Their movements create by turns wrapping and release.


‘The Observation Tank.’

A commission from Diego della Palma for his brand,
‘Diego della Palma Professional Cosmetics’

Three painted naked performers in a large glass enclosure with stripped trees and rope,
under the eye of an eccentric ‘researcher’.

Concept and design by Chris Channing
Body Art by Chris Channing and Grazia Guerra


‘If I Want to Drown, That’s My Business’

A man underwater held upright by a giant jellyfish.
The performance is marked by the continuous tears of the drowned man.



A commission from ‘Mirage’ ceramics for a slow-motion dance performance
at the presentation of a new design concept.
A team of 8 dancers worked in shifts.



The performer stands on a slowly revolving plinth.

An interactive performance made for the opening of an exhibition of work by photographer Sergio Smerieri in Milan
and repeated for the ‘Poetry Festival’ of Emilia Romagna.

In Milan it was graffiti.
At the poetry festival members of the audience wrote a favourite word or phrase on the performer’s body as they entered the auditorium,
after which the performer was on stage throughout the reading.