‘Spettri dell’animo’ (Shadows in the Soul)

From “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
Adapted, designed and directed by Chris Channing for a company of nine actors.

Staged in the disused Church of St Frances in the Province of Bologna.
Performances, at midnight, from Christmas Eve to the 31st December.

The show is a promenade production following Scrooge (and his bed) around the empty building.

‘I Remember Me’ / ‘MiRicordandoMi’

Choreography,  direction, and design by Chris Channing.
Made for the physical performer Patrizia Marcato.

The former Paris variety star, (who was invented for this show) Victoria MaBel, now in her 70s, relives her most famous number, ‘Moon Poem – Song to the Moon’ alone in her attic.

The ‘Moon Poem’ was ‘recreated’ from impressions written in letters to the Diaghilev ballerina Lydia Lopokova by her nephew who saw MaBel perform on several consecutive nights in Paris.

‘The Little Withinsight House’

A theatre installation on autobiographical themes.
Original Title: Tectus ad Spectum (Reflection House).

A live performer in interaction with a hand-made film.
Miniature objects and the actor himself appear in the film and interact with his live self.

The audience views the performance through holes in the walls of a three sided structure.
Each viewing hole has an autobiographical flavour specific to the performer (a photograph, a letter, an object).

‘Mona Lisa in Delirium Totus’

Full title:
“The creation, life, death and return of a cultural monster.”
High Art / Modern Art / Popular Art

The show is an ironic physical theatre discourse on the strength of identity.
You can put an “icon” through high-brow analysis and low-brow gags,
but if the original is worthy of the label ‘icon’, it survives strengthened and unharmed.

(It is also, on a different level about hiding, finding and operating a large number of surprises, alone, in a small open fronted box.)